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Amberjack fish

Amberjack fish

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grated amberjack...
Price €6.00
Campisi amberjack botargo. The translation of the Arabic term "batārikh" is literally "dried fish eggs". 
amberjack bites...
Price €3.50
The term buzzonaglia di Ricciola indicates the part of the fillet that is close to the central bone, the backbone of the fish. It has an intense flavour and a dark colour and is especially...
Price €9.50
The amberjack belly is the fattest part of the fish, the muscle bundles are interwoven with fat that makes the meat soft and delicious.
amberjack in olive oil...
Price €8.50
The amberjack is a fish that today falls into the category of prestigious fish, it is found in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Pacific Ocean near India and in the Atlantic.