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pistachio brittle 100 g
Price €5.00
 The irresistible crispness to be savoured on any occasion. good for a snack, perfect after dinner.
pistachio cream
Price €4.00
To spread on bread, to fill your desserts or simply to eat by spoonfuls. In your moments of relaxation choose to pamper yourself every time with a different taste.
pistachio pesto
Price €4.00
Delicious Pistachio Pesto, great to make delicious pasta dishes or to use on pizza. Try it on a grilled salmon fillet, you will love it! 
shell-less pistachio 100 g
On sale!
shell-less pistachio 100 g
Price €6.50
No artifice, only nature. Pure pistachio with its unique and extraordinary flavour, to be enjoyed naturally or to enrich your dishes.