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ready-made pachino pgi cherry tomato sauce
ready-made pachino pgi...
Price €1.49 Regular price €1.80
The cherry tomato sauce of Pachino I.G.P., produced with respect for freshness and authenticity. 
tuna in olive oil
tuna in olive oil
Price €16.99 Regular price €18.00
The tuna fillets in oil are entirely handmade with passion and attention according to the most ancient traditions and contain only a pinch of sea salt. 
bluefin tuna in olive oil
Price €5.50
Bluefin Tuna Campisi increasingly rare and delicious, it is characterized by an intense pink flesh, good consistency and incredible taste. 
anchovy fillets in air...
Price €7.70
This delicious blue fish par excellence meets the harmony of olive oil to create tender anchovy fillets. A Campisi speciality. semiconserva da tenere ad una temperatura non superiore a 10 c
ready-made pachino...
Price €1.80
The P.G.I. Pachino tomato sauce, produced with respect for freshness and authenticity. 
mackerel fillets in...
Price €14.00
With mackerel fillets in olive oil, you bring taste and nutritional properties of the best oily fish for a healthy and correct diet to the table. 
auriga tuna 80 g
Price €1.20
Auriga tuna is obtained by selecting only the yellowfin tuna which is rigorously steamed, so as to keep the muscle fibres unchanged and the nutritional values ​​unchanged. To Auriga tuna, we add...