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extravirgin oil agathae - oil of the gods 75 cl

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F.lli Aprile

Agothòs, from the Greek, does not simply translate as "very good". In the Greek world, kalo kai agatos, beautiful and good, defined the ideal man as the completion of the perfection of the body with that of the spirit. With the same meaning, the Latins referred to Agatha as the good, the viruous. Goodness is the inner virtue par excellence, which is expressed in skill and delicacy, courage and balance, strenth and harmony.

Production area: south-est Sicily

Harvest: bye hand directly on the plant.

Color: intense green with yellow reflections

Aroma: persistent characterized by a clear olive aroma with strong hints of thistle, freshly cut grass, green tomato and almond.

Taste: full, harmonious, balanced, pleasantly spicy and bitter with a sweet almond aftertaste and hints of artichoke.

Use; it is suitable for use raw on refined red meat, fish, salad,s bruschetta, vegetables and legumes dishes.