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ready-made pachino pgi tomato sauce 330 g

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The production area of ​​Pomodoro di Pachino PGI falls in the municipalities of Pachino, Portopalo di Capo Passero, Noto and Ispica, in the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa, in the Sicily region. The first crops of Pomodoro di Pachino PGI date back to 1925 and were located along the coastal strip, in companies that could have water for irrigation from groundwater wells. One of the peculiarities of Pomodoro di Pachino PGI is its conservation period which exceeds that of other tomato varieties.

The P.G.I. Pachino tomato sauce, produced with respect for freshness and authenticity. The Costoluto type has large fruits, of an intense and brilliant dark green color, which turns red during ripening. The pulp is firm and is characterized by a high sugar content. When ripe it has a good acidity in relation to the sugars present, which makes it excellent for the production of the sauce. The workmanship has remained the same that traditionally the locals have handed down for generations.

The attention to the identity of the territory combined with the control of all the manufacturing processes and the authenticity of the ingredients make our company a reality that marries the ancient flavors of the land and sea of ​​Sicily. Authenticity, freshness of the raw material and strict controls guarantee the highest quality.

A delicious mix between the warm sun of Pachino and fresh basil and tomato or I.G.P. One of the simplest and tastiest recipes.

Delicate, sweet and light flavor.

Immediately ready to pour on the pasta once heated.