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fusilli napoletani lunghi (busiata) 500 g

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A pasta that is perfect, simply tasty. Maestri Pastai is a company located in Mercato San Severino, in the province of Salerno. For over twenty years, we have been creating high-quality artisan pasta with commitment and dedication.

A processing carried out according to the true artisan method, genuine ingredients and a pasta factory with a quality control that comes from the expert hands of those who have been making pasta for generations. Only the finest durum wheat semolina and cold-kneaded water. The pasta is bronze drawn, at low temperature and controlled humidity: between ten and fifteen hours, depending on the shape and size.

The bronze-drawn pasta derives from an artisan process that takes place respecting the ancient traditions, working the pasta slowly with the same patience of the ancient pasta masters. The dough is drawn by a mixture of the best semolina, strictly from Sicilian Biodynamic Durum Wheat and water. The pasta obtained and artfully dried according to artisan methods meets the tastes and needs of consumers at the table.